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Therapeutic Massage in Elkins, WV

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Therapeutic massage is a clinical-style massage focused on addressing specific problems that the patient is experiencing. The rehabilitative techniques involved in therapeutic massage go far beyond traditional spa massage (which focuses on mere stress relief and/or relaxation). Collett Family Chiropractic’s highly trained therapeutic masseuse uses specific techniques designed to promote healing, increase flexibility and mobility, eliminate pain, and encourage overall internal wellness. Therapeutic massage is a goal-based treatment. The purpose is to resolve a specific health-related issue the patient is facing. This may include recovery from a work or sports-related injury, healing after a surgery, or gaining mobility after trauma brought on by a slip and fall or auto accident.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy For Healing: Relieve Pain & Restore Flexibility

Therapeutic massage is a proven, highly successful solution for many issues. It relieves muscle tension, increases circulation, releases trigger points, reduces nerve pressure, restores flexibility, and relieves pain. This hands-on therapy is extremely beneficial for patients who are dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, immune system dysfunction, inflammation, depression, anxiety, sciatica, stress-related disorders, fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash, sports-related injuries, and many other conditions. Therapeutic massage speeds healing time and can restore lost mobility.

If you feel stiff and sore throughout your entire body as a result of injury or body overuse, therapeutic massage is the optimal solution to get you back on the path to living your best life.

Contact Josh Roy, Therapeutic Masseuse

Our skilled, highly trained therapeutic masseuse, Josh Roy, LMBT, has been providing much needed relief for individuals in Randolph County and the surrounding region for over ten years. If you are suffering from the painful effects of an injury or medical condition or are interested in exploring the extensive benefits of therapeutic massage for yourself, contact the compassionate staff at Collett Family Chiropractic in Elkins, WV.

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