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At Collett Family Chiropractic, our specialists are trained in a variety of chiropractic and medical massage methods, and the corrective care you’ll receive is second to none in the Elkins, West Virginia area.

Dr. Sherri Collett

Dr. Sherri Collett

Dr. Sherri started her career at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic training. She spent her time at Shepherd as a student trainer being responsible for the care of all the athletic teams. After earning her degree she was married to her husband Russ Collett. They moved to Atlanta, GA for her to pursue her education in Chiropractic. She attended Life University, Marietta, GA. While at Life she was involved with 9 other clinicians in a case study project involving the integration of Chiropractic into the therapy treatments of 26 Autistic children.

Many lives were changed with that study. After graduation she moved to Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter. There she started her private practice. After her 3rd child was born she and her family moved to Beverly, WV. She began practicing in Elkins, WV. She currently is expanding her education pursuing a board certification in Nutrition.

Dr. Sherri and her husband Russ, who is the Principal at Elkins High School, reside in Beverly with their children Madison, Haley and Mac. She enjoys watching local athletics and volunteers with coaching and trainer duties. She also does research for family genealogy.

Chiropractic Associations: WCA, ICPA, CFP

Techniques used: Diversified, Activator, flexion distraction, Thompson drop

Josh Roy, LMBT

Josh is a licensed massage therapist and body worker. Bodywork utilizes various forms of touch that may use manipulation, movement and/or repatterning to affect structural changes to the body.

Josh has almost 10 years of clinical experience using his extensive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, movement therapy, and manual techniques to inform and affect change in the client’s needs. This ranges from chronic to acute. His clients range from school age children to well experienced adults. Josh teaches and informs clients of how to improve their health utilizing exercise to be done on their own.  

Josh was born and raised in Elkins, WV. He graduated from Elkins High School in 1997. He graduated from the Florida School of Massage in 2007. While at the Florida School of Massage he received over 1000 clinical hours studying different types of massage including Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Sports/ Fitness Therapy, TMJ, and working with scar tissue. Josh has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and has worked with many types of people at all different levels of fitness. He became personally interested in health and wellness when he lost his kidney at the age of 11. He has a background in carpentry, construction, and landscaping installation. Josh also enjoys basketball, photography, playing guitar, hiking and camping.

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