Experienced Sports Therapy Chiropractor
in Randolph County, West Virginia

Getting back in the game or on the field, court, or track is often the main thought in an athlete’s mind when they are on the bench dealing with an injury. Our goal is to get you back to what you love as quickly, but safely as possible. Dealing with athletes and helping them cope with an injury is unique. Each athlete is unique as is the issues they are facing. One positive thing that many athletes possess is the fact that they are in good or even great physical shape, which helps speed up the healing processes. If you or your favorite athlete has sustained an injury and you are looking for a chiropractor that can help with the healing and recovery process, give us a call today. We specialize in helping athletes of all ages heal naturally and safely with the long-term goal of complete recovery and full range of mobility and strength regained.

Chiropractic Care and Medical Massage Help Heal Sports Related Injuries

Many athletes train daily and feel that some aches and pains are a normal part of mastering their sport. They fail to notice when minor issues begin to turn into bigger problems. If you feel that your body has endured trauma or repeated trauma due to your sport of choice and you need to get your body back in alignment to avoid additional damage and pain, be sure to give our office a call. Dr. Sherri Collett is ready to evaluate you and provide valuable advice and treatment options.