Sports-related Injuries

Effective Pain Relief Treatment
for Sports-related Injuries

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy in Elkins, WV

Are you suffering as a result of a sports-related injury? Collett Family Chiropractic is ready to help you get back in the game! Our team will assist you with returning safely to the sport you love, and as soon as possible. We understand that the requirements of each athlete and the issues surrounding the injury are unique. Following evaluation and diagnosis of the condition affecting your body, we will develop a personalized chiropractic and/or therapeutic massage treatment plan to address and correct any misalignments, nerve interference, loss of motion, and flexibility concerns. Effective long-term pain relief must correct the cause of the condition, as well as steps to proactively prevent avoidable injuries in the future. At Collett Family Chiropractic in Elkins, our comprehensive sports injury programs are helping athletes throughout the region remain healthy and free of pain.

Sports Injury? Choose Safe, Natural, Drug-free Healing & Recovery

The great physical condition of most athletes acts in their favor. This helps accelerate the healing process; however, being in good shape alone is not sufficient. If you (or your favorite athlete) have sustained a sports-related injury, Collett Family Chiropractic can significantly improve the healing and recovery process. We specialize in helping athletes of all ages and abilities heal naturally, safely, and drug-free with the long-term goal of complete recovery, including full range of motion and strength.

Sports Massage & Chiropractic Treatment for Pain Relief

Many athletes train daily and feel that some aches and pains are a normal part of mastering their sport. As a result of this tough attitude, many fail to notice the pains that indicate when minor issues begin to turn into more significant problems. If your body has endured injury, extreme stress, or trauma, we can help you get your body back in alignment to avoid additional damage and pain. Dr. Sherri Collett is ready to evaluate you and provide valuable advice and treatment options. Josh Roy offers therapeutic massage to assist with healing and pain relief. The Collett Family Chiropractic team is dedicated to getting our talented athletes back in the game!

The Collett Family Chiropractic team is dedicated
to getting our talented athletes back in the game!