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Sciatic nerve pain is felt as leg pains or cramps that begin at the hip or lower back and seem to radiate through the back of the thigh, shooting sharp pain down the leg. The condition is relatively common and can cause an immense amount of excruciating pain and discomfort if left untreated. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and inflammation of this particular nerve can be truly debilitating. Many with this condition have difficulty even moving. If you are experiencing sciatica, be aware that it may be caused by a herniated disc, pinched nerve, and other serious conditions. Fortunately, Collett Family Chiropractic in Elkins, WV offers safe, highly effective chiropractic and therapeutic massage treatments that can help relieve the intense pain of sciatica to restore your mobility.

Drug-free Sciatica Treatment

Most of the cases of sciatica we treat are caused by trauma to the discs that cushion the vertebral bones and nerves. As the nerves are crowded by the bulging discs, irritation and inflammation occur. The resultant sharp pains cause our patients an immense amount of distress and limit mobility. Standing or sitting for long periods of time tends to increase the pain. It is our goal to properly address the underlying cause of sciatica for each of our patients. At Collett Family Chiropractic, drug-free sciatica pain relief is a reality. Although pain pills and muscle relaxers are able to mask the pain, they do nothing to resolve the physical nerve compression of a bulging disc. Chiropractic care offers proven effective relief of sciatic nerve pain by alleviating the actual nerve compression with hands-on therapy.

Sciatica Pain Specialist – Elkins, WV

If sciatica-related pain is limiting your mobility and impacting your life, contact the natural pain control specialists at Collett Family Chiropractic in Elkins, WV. We have the skills and experience to help ease your pain so you can get back on the path to total wellness. There is no need to suffer. We look forward to assisting you.

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